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Trance Transmitter

Trance MIDI Pack

Sounds 2 Inspire introduces Trance Transmitter, Trance MIDI Pack. A collection of 115 Trance melodies – Ready to use with your favorite VST instruments such as Serum, Kontakt, Massive, Spire, Sektor or with your hardware synthesizers.

Trance Transmitter comes packed with powerful main Leads, subtle Pads, groovy Chord-hits and Basslines spread around 4 distinct tracks. Exploring trance, progressive, goa and psy.

115 Trance Melodies total:
.21 Main Leads
.36 Chord Hits
.39 Basslines
.19 Pads

Track 01 Nexus
Track 02 Daze
Track 03 Mandala
Track 04 Consciousness

.Melodic Trance
.Progressive Trance
& More…

Compatible With:


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115 High Quality Trance MIDI Melodies

Countless Combinations

A wide collection of beautiful and deep trance melodies. Hundreds of Leads, Pads, Chord Hits and Basslines. Exploring the best sounds of Trance, Progressive and Goa genres.

Ready to deploy

Just drag-and-drop the MIDI CLIPS to your DAW of choice, use them with your favorite VST instruments such as Serum, Kontakt, Massive, Spire and Sektor… or with your hardware synthesizers.

Chord-hits and Leads (Audio Demo – Track 01 Nexus)

Leads and Pads (Audio Demo – Track 02 Daze)

Leads and Pads (Audio Demo – Track 04 Consciousness)

Hundreds of Trance melodies

Trance Transmitter comes with 4 different tracks: 01 Nexus, 02 Daze, 03 Mandala, 04 Consciousness. Each track contains multiple combinations of Leads, Pads, Chordhits and Basslines.

Compatible with all DAWs

Just drag-and-drop the files into your DAW of choice.

Lite Version available for Free

Lite version works as a “Shareware” version, it is made for demonstration purposes – but contains more than enough sounds to satisfy one’s curiosity. You can gain access to this free version by joining our Newsletter.

[velocity type="youtube" id="cPRv1G_8nLY" img="https://sounds2inspire.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Trance_Transmitter_SmallScreenshot.jpg" alt="Play" color="#FFFFFF" bkg_color="#000000"]

Video Showcase (6min)


Compatible with all DAWS – Windows and Mac

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