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Sounds 2 Inspire

The Mission

Sounds 2 Inspire creates synthesizer & plugin expansions, sound banks, preset packs, sample packs, midi packs to aid and inspire music producers, composers, musicians, sound designers, deejays & other creative folk around the globe. From professionals in the industry, to bedroom producers or hobbyists.

S2I is founded by Fernando Abreu and offers a Unique set of audio products. Sounds2Inspire does not focus on “templates” or “essential packs”, nor interested in giving you an endless void of “content”. The focus is on delivering something different, a very distinct set of products and designs, that hopefully will help you and elevate your music production, sound design or other related audio tasks and arts to the next level.

Fernando is also a co-founder of Ocean Swift Synthesis, has more than 20 year experience in the audio field and music industry, specially dealing with synthesis. Plus more than 10 Year experience in multimedia creation & graphic design.

Expansions, sound banks, presets and libraries for Synthesizers

Wavetables & Singular waveforms for wavetable synths

Sound Libraries for sound design, video game design or music production

OSS Enterprise – VSTi from Oceanswift Synthesis. A Vector / wavetable / FM and Additive Synthesizer that’s one of my favorite projects I have worked to this day.

Polyphenom 2 – Another unique VSTi provided by OceanSwift Synthesis. A truly hybrid polyphonic Synthesizer exploring additive, wavetable, subtractive and fm synthesis – with an extensive array of features, modulations and built in effects.

Aeolian Meditation and Aeolian Dream Box – A dreamy FM and Additive Synthesizer that set the tone in the kind of VSTs Ocean Swift developed.

The Background

My name is Fernando Abreu, an Audio and Multimedia guy. I have played solo has electronic music producer and DJ for many years, I have toured my country and played a bit abroad, I have Veejay-ed, I have published music of my own and others, managed an independent record label & music magazine, designed UI & interfaces for several plugins and several platforms! Graphic designed and illustrated many album & EP covers, filmed & edited promotional videos, field recorded, created sample packs, made thousands of official and non-official presets for many synthesizers! Synthesizers are one of my passions, I love to find all its features and push them to the absolute limit… I was born in 1985 and still have so much to learn and to do.

I create products Id like to use and want for myself, something I think Im missing or that other expansions, presets packs, sample packs and midi packs usually don’t offer. I am not claiming im above or better than any… But I do GIVE MY BEST to create something meaningful, with the highest quality, that can inspire you and help you in your creations and arts! Being music production, Sound Design, Video Game OST, Video Game Sound effects, Cinema, Film OST & whatever other experiments you do with audio. Sounds 2 inspire is made for professional, hobbyists or complete newbies looking to learn and improve they’re craft.

Good presets make you enjoy your favorite gear even more! Preset packs are a very important part of an instrument or plugin! They help showcase its best features, help your workflow or even get you out of creative blocks, obstacles and open your mind to new possibilities.

I hope you enjoy the expansions, sound banks, sample packs, midi packs and all the products offered here as much as I enjoy creating all of them, everyday! Has mentioned previously, I am also a co-founder of Ocean Swift Synthesis, in this section you can find some of my favorite projects I worked in together with Yaron Eshkar over the years.

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Some of Polyphenom’s Promotional Material

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More Polyphenom… More Polyphenom…

Plugins developed for the Scope Platform (ex Creamware)


Pi2525 Synthesizer

2 Osc synthesizer producing the familiar and famous trance / dance sound of the early millennium.

Aeolian Pulsar Harp Additive Synthesizer

Aeolian Harp is a unique digital take with a twist on the ancient greek instrument of nature. An interesting Additive Synthesizer perfect for ambient soundscapes. From intricate mesmerizing drones, the hypnotic sound of electrical wires, pure tones and eerie soundscapes.

OS20 Modular Synthesizer

OS20, a powerful semi-modular synth specially developed for Scope Modular Platform. Inspired on a Classic.

CyanBell FM Synthesizer

Cyan Bell is a quirky FM synth module designed for strange sci-fi sounds, bells, gongs, drones and odd evolving effects abound with this unique combination of a FM source and a Comb filter.

Mash Effect

A Unique, simple and creative Multi-FX device for the Scope Platform! Just load your favorite effects into Mash Effect and mash them together!

Hello Perc Drum Synthesizer

Small Quirky Percussion Synth based on filtered noise, for very electronic quick Snares hits, Closed and open hats. A simple device with minimal DSP use.

“Our artists no longer try to put us in touch with god and the eternal, but with the internal infinity of our own archives.” James Flint