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Absynth 5 Presets

Dreamers Suite

Dreamers Suite features a curated selection of 50 melodies for Absynth 5. Focusing on dreamy and evolving soundscapes, digital keys and lush polyphonic leads. Dreamers Suite is aimed at sound designers, cinematic compositions, ambient music, electronica, and many other calmer electronic subgenres.

50 Presets: Soundscapes, pads, keys and digital pianos, drones, bells & SFX.

Place the provided folder into Absynth 5’s Preset Folder: Located in Documents\NativeInstruments\Absynth 5\Sounds (Win)
Absynth 5 is part of Komplete by Native Instruments

Emotive melodies and evolving atmospheres

50 mysterious and magical presets for Absynth 5 focusing on Soundscapes, Atmos, Evolving Pads, Digital Choirs, Digital Keys, Bells, and very relaxing Poly Synth Leads.

We dive in deeply and take the full advantage of Absynth’s effect section, with very long and dramatic echoes.

“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”