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Spire Presets

Liquid Bliss

Liquid Bliss is a full sound bank with 128 presets for Spire synthesizer. Focusing on pads, soundscapes, ambient sequences, calmer melodic sequences, keys, liquid basslines and more. Liquid Bliss is a sound bank with a “chill” state of mind. Taking a break from loud and explosive synthesizer sounds. Beautifully deep pads and melodic sequences enchanted by the fantastic spire synthesizer.

A Full bank of 128 Presets. Featuring: Leads, Arps & Sequences, Pads, Ambiences & Ambient Sounds, Keys.

Just click on “IMPORT”, on the top left section of the instrument and select our .sbf file.

Spire is developed by Reveal Sound

128 High Quality Sounds

A sound bank with a “chill” state of mind – Liquid Bliss is filled with highly Immersive Sounds for music production.
Focusing on Pads, Ambiences, Keys, Arps and Soft Chord Sequences… Inspired on Liquid Drum’n’Bass Soundscapes, but suitable for many other styles and approaches.

Into the Bliss

Demonstrating some of the great features, sound quality and versatility of Spire.

Macro Controls

Macro controls in Spire are very useful! And this sound bank takes advantage of them. You can use them to easily reach the sweet spots within each preset. Also expect tons of complex modulation uses and movement in each sound… all this thanks to the Spire Synthesizer’s advanced modulation matrix, great design and sound quality.

Spark Your Creativity

Checkout our great collection of Sound sets for Spire Synthesizer – Unleash its full potential! Each Sound bank features 128 High quality presets …or even more. Make sure you don’t Miss out!