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Electric Flesh

Sound bank for Spire Synthesizer

Electric Flesh is a Sound Bank for Spire Synthesizer that focuses on melodic sounds for Trance and Synthwave productions. 

128 High quality presets featuring groovy Basslines, Bass Sequences, Leads, Arps, Melodic Sequences and Deep immersive Pads. Exploring the best sounds and features from Spire.

128 Presets Total
.Bassline Sequences
.Leads and Arps
.Pads & Ambiences

Also suitable for many other genres:
.Minimal Techno
.Dub Techno
.Progressive Trance
.Deep House

& More…

Expansion is delivered in a (.sbf) Format, Spire Bank File


Play Video
Play Video

Beautiful Melodic Sequences

Beautiful ready-to-use melodic sequences, arps, bassline sequences and deep pads. Dedicated to all trance and Synthwave fans alike.


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Thankyou and Enjoy this Sound Set!
SPIRE is Developed by Reveal Sound https://www.reveal-sound.com/
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