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Rob Papen Vecto Presets

Spiral Assembly

Sounds 2 Inspire proudly introduces Spiral Assembly, a powerful expansion for Rob Papen’s Vecto Synthesizer with 256 multi genre presets. Spiral Assembly contains Hundreds of Pads, Cinematic Ambiences, textures, modern leads, punchy basslines, deep basslines, magical Keys, Bells, Arp sequences and Drum Sequences… A full assembly kit of organic and electronic sounds.

256 Presents: 75 Pads, 15 Keys, 58 Leads, 19 Ambiences, 12 Chord Hits, 11 Drum Sequences, 33 Basses, 09 Arps and 10 Dub Chords

Presets are delivered in: Vecto Reason Presets (.repatch) and Vecto VSTi Presets (.fxp)

VSTi Install: Just drag and drop the Expansion pack into Vecto Preset folder. Usually located in your “My Documents\Rob Papen\Vecto\Bank Folder” folder.

256 Presets for Vecto Synthesizer!

Spiral Assembly Expansion pack is crafted specially for Vecto Synthesizer – Reason and VSTi version. A Huge soundset, exploring the full potential of Vecto Synthesizer. 256 high quality, modern and immersive sounds… Await you!

This is Spiral Assembly

An assortment of ambiences & immersive Ambient sounds. Perfect for introductions, sound designers, cinematic compositions, game soundtracks & electronic music tracks.

Elegant and soft melodic chord hits. Mixing and mashing presets and ideas from Keys and Leads categories.

Tribal and techno drum sequences to complement your main drum bus.

Useful selection of basslines. From deep sub basses to short and sharp “housy” basses.

Groovy electronic leads & melodies using Vecto’s arpeggiator.

"Time is the moving image of eternity..." Plato

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Deep Pads and Ambiences

Wide collection of pads, deep long polyphonic melodies, Magical choirs and immersive cinematic sounds. Using the full potential of Vecto Synthesizer’s 4 oscillators, extensive morphing and modulation options. Creating a unique and distinctive “morphing” sound that only vector synthesis can accomplish… Beautifully.
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Modern Melodies and Leads

Modern and electronic sounding melodies in many different styles. Make no mistake, Vecto is more than capable of delivering powerful and sharp sounding synth leads – and we explore its full potential.

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Mysterious Bells and Keys

Mysterious keys, bells and gongs… Numerous elegant and unique sounding melodies. Mixing both organic and electronic sounds… Morphing them together in many interesting shapes.