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Waldorf Largo Presets


Sounds 2 Inspire explores yet again the complex synthesis capabilities and layering potential of waldorf largo, with Augment, a surreal and dreamlike sound set.

Augment reveals 128 new presets, showcasing immersive Soundscapes, deep Pads, Ambiences, dark pianos, retro leads, futuristic Leads, Arps and more.

128 Presets total: Pads, Ambiences, Key Pads, Leads, Stabs,Arps, Sequences, Basslines and more.

Drag and drop “S2I Augment” .fxb to your: “Waldorf\Largo Sounds” folder.

*Augment was created with Largo 1 and its compatible with both Largo 1 and the newest version Largo 2.
Waldorf Music Mentions: “Largo 2 is fully compatible with all existing soundsets and and users can import all the sounds they have created so far.” https://waldorfmusic.com/produkt/largo-2/

Largo is developed by Waldorf Music GmbH 

Immersive Sounds for Largo

Augment Sound Set covers plenty of different styles and tastes.
From Cinematic like Soundscapes and ambiences, Evolving Pads, ambient melodies… To more modern, energetic melodies, arps, stabs and Basslines – With a Dreamlike Vibe.

Simple and Complex Layered Presets

Within this soundset you will find many layered presets, from simple to complex sequences. Different combinations of pads, keys and relaxing arpeggiator melodies. Only possible thanks to the layering capabilities, intricate matrix and 256 voices of Largo synthesizer.