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Hybrid 3 Presets

Quantum Waves

Quantum Waves comes packed with 150 presets of Synth wave, Retro wave, Synth-Pop, New wave, 80’s inspired electronic goodness. Quantum Waves is for all producers and composers wanting to add a retro-futuristic touch to their tracks. Quantum Waves contains hundreds of intricate and tasteful melodies for your Hybrid 3 Synthesizer.

This series focuses on analog and poly style leads, chord hits, mellow pads and groovy, impactful basslines! With a retro futuristic twist. Quantum Wantes takes great sounds and textures from the past, and redesigns them… for the future.

154 Presets: 75 Leads, 23 Keys and Bells, 24 Basslines, 16 Pads & Ambiences, 15 Arps & Sequences

Expansion is delivered in Hybrid 3 Bank Folder, just drag & drop it to official Hybrid 3 Bank folder.

Hybrid developed by AIR Music Technology.

Synthwave presets for Hybrid 3

This series was crafted specially for Hybrid 3 synthesizer, focusing on Synthwave, retrowave, vaporwave and other 80’s inspired electronic goodness. Recreating great retro sounds taking them to the future.

Retro futuristic melodies

Numerous elegant and sharp sounding melodies in monophonic and polyphonic form, exploring Hybrid’s layering and synthesis potential. Quantum Waves you are going to find analog style saw leads, lush poly stabs, warm keys and many other creative melodies.

Macro Controls "Morph"

This Soundbank makes use of Hybrid’s – 4 macro controls. An important feature that lets you very quickly control and fine tune the best aspects and characteristics of each preset.

We also have a Freeversion or “Lite version” that works as a “Shareware”, it is made for demonstration purposes – but contains more than enough presets to satisfy one’s curiosity.