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Hybrid 3 Presets

Trance Legacy

More than 200 high-quality trance presets for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer. Trance Legacy focuses on fresh trance style melodies, it contains hundreds of main leads, rolling basslines, pads, arpeggiators, acid leads, Chord hits, plucks and so much more.

Legacy is dedicated to all trance fans and producers – Exquisite sounds exploring many subgenres, from progressive, psy, goa, acid and more.

203 Presets for Hybrid 3 + 115 Midi Melodies! The complete sound set features: Main leads, Chord hits, Pads, Keys, Ambiences, Pad Keys and Basslines

Expansion is delivered in Hybrid 3 Bank Folder, just drag & drop it to official Hybrid 3 Bank folder.

Hybrid developed by AIR Music Technology.

+200 Trance presets for Hybrid 3

Countless combinations of trance sequences and arpeggios, mono leads, poly leads, acid leads, plucks, chord hits, pads and more!
Trance Legacy brings forward some exquisite sounds and melodies exploring many subgenres, from progressive, psy, goa, acid and more.

What do you think the first sound that you heard was. Your mother’s heartbeat? Your father’s deep vibrating voice? all the grunts and squiggles that a body makes as it moves and breathes…” abby

Trance Midi Kit included, Free

Included in this pack is “Trance Transmitter” MIDI Kit, containing
115 Midi melodies with main leads, basslines, chord hits and pads.
Inspired on great sounds and melodies from artists such as Yahel, Astral Projection, Alien Project, Infected Mushroom, Astrix and many others.

Macro Controls "Morph"

This Soundbank makes use of Hybrid’s – 4 macro controls. An important feature that lets you very quickly control and fine tune the best aspects and characteristics of each preset.