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Drum Cache

Free Preset Pack for Spire Synthesizer

Sounds 2 Inspire presents Drum Cache, a free collection of fine tuned synthesized drums for Spire Synthesizer. 

Drum Cache contains 75 multi genre presets, kickdrums, claps, high hats, electronic percussion, drum sequences, techno sequences, 808 inspired drums and more.

75 Presets including: Kickdrums, Snares, Claps, Toms and other single-shot percussions and sequenced loops

.Glitch Hop
& More…

Presets are delivered in: Spire Soundbank file (.sbf)

Install: Just click on “IMPORT”, on the top left section of the instrument and select our Drum Cache .sbf file.

Free percussion set

for Reveal Sound’s Spire Synthesizer

High quality fine tuned electronic percussions for your Spire synthesizer. Numerous single shot and sequenced/arpegiated drums. From harsh to deep, from elegant to unique

Made with Love

Spire Synthesizer – the combination of best opportunities of software and hardware synthesizers

SPIRE is Developed by Reveal Sound https://www.reveal-sound.com/


Remember, you are what you cache...
SPIRE is Developed by Reveal Sound https://www.reveal-sound.com/
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