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Free Expansion Pack for Sektor

Darkscapes is a Free expansion pack for Sektor Synthesizer, containing +100 presets. 

A one of a kind expansion & experience for all Sektor Synthesizer enthusiasts – focusing on immersive soundscapes, pads, basslines and melodies.

Audio landscapes from this world and beyond
Eeire Soundscapes, Industrial planes, Dark rituals & out of the ordinary presets

A Full bank of 128 Presets, featuring: 32 Leads, 40 Arps & Sequences, 23 Pads, 14 Chordhits & Stabs, 21 Basslines, 13 Keys
This Expansion Pack Explores various Electronic Music genres, such has Ambient, Industrial, Chill, Dub, Techno & more
 Expansion is delivered in a (.sektorExpansion) Format
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+100 High Quality Presets Included

Dark Cinematic Soundscapes

Darkscapes is packed with +100 High Quality never heard Presets & Sounds from Sektor. With a focus on on Ambient Sounds, Pad Sounds, Experimental Soundscapes - But also exploring other areas

Custom Samples

Custom samples that fit the Darkscapes Theme - From Religious Chants, to Industrial Noises, Field Recordings, Sounds of Nature and more...

34 Soundscapes
23 Pads

Ambient Soundscapes, Pads, Moving Pads, Clean Pads, Light Pads, Dark Pads

20 basslines

This Expansion pack also features a pretty solid collection of different Basslines from Deep, Clean to Grimmey and Harsh

11 Leads
12 keys

Dark and Light Melodies and Leads

Most expansions for Sektor are directed towards Trap, Hiphop, EDM or Trance – Darkscapes takes a step in a whole different direction and another dimension. 

Darkscapes focuses on Ambient Sounds, Pad Sounds, Experimental Soundscapes, some highly relaxing, others highly disturbing – Exploring the basic and advanced features of Sektor Synthesizer.

Generate unexplored, unheard sounds and realms, vast and never-ending soundscapes. This expansion pack is specially designed to all fans of Ambient, Industrial, IDM, Glitch, Chill, Techno & more. Darkscapes can also be a great ally for sound designers looking for original sounds to add their projects and arts, be it games, multimedia, music or cinema.

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Thankyou and enjoy Darkscapes Expansion

Made for Sektor

Sektor is a polyphonic wavetable synth plugin with a highly intuitive user interface and a lot of customization features. Sektor was built to use a low amount of system resources while having a massive high quality sound.

Sektor is developed by INITIAL AUDIO. All Rights Reserved. https://initialaudio.com/product/sektor/
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