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Quantum Waves

Quantum Waves comes packed with 150 presets of Synth wave, Retro wave, Synth-Pop, New wave, 80’s inspired electronic goodness. Quantum Waves is for all producers and composers wanting to add a retro-futuristic touch to their tracks. Quantum Wantes takes great sounds and textures from the past, and redesigns them… for the future.

Liquid Sessions

Liquid Sessions Expansion, +120 Presets for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer exploring liquid, deep, relaxing lush-full melodies made towards Liquid Drum n Bass, Chillstep & Downtempo genres.

Trance Legacy

More than 200 high-quality trance presets for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer. Trance Legacy focuses on fresh trance style melodies, it contains hundreds of main leads, rolling basslines, pads, arpeggiators, acid leads, Chord hits, plucks and so much more. Trance Legacy also includes a trance MIDI Pack with beautiful premade melodies.

Hybrid Flow

Sound Bank for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer focused on more abstract minimal and Techno sounds. Hybrid Flows features an amalgamation of +150 Presets - Deep Dub chords, Spacey Pads and Ambiences, Techno sequences, Drum sequences, Melodic Chord hits and more... All synthesized in Hybrid 3 Synthesizer. Hybrid Flow is dedicated to Techno, Minimal, Dub Techno, Deep House, Techno-Trance and Ambient producers/composers looking for more abstract and out-of-the-ordinary sounds.

Electronic Dimensions

Electronic Dimensions is an expansion with +125 Presets for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer - focused on modern electronic sounds for House, Trance, Progressive, Techno and EDM Producers. Electronic Dimensions contains a vast array of melodic arrangements… Directly to Hybrid 3 Synthesizer

Hybrid Ambience

Hybrid Ambience is an Free expansion pack for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer, a collection of one-hundred relaxing & original presets for the beloved and brilliant Hybrid 3 Synth. Hybrid Ambience delivers out-of-this-world / out of the ordinary presets & soundscapes.