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We do not support Bitcoin, Stripe & Skrill.

We do have sales occasionally, the best way to find out is to optin and subscribe to our newsletter, than our best deals, freebies and sales are delivered directly to you.

Yes, the best way to find out about this is to optin and subscribe to our newsletter – you will even get a 5% discount coupon just for signing up.

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Sounds2Inspire, S2I based in Viseu, Portugal is a one man show – It specializes in creating synthesizer and plugin expansions, preset packs and sample packs to aid, inspire music producers, musicians, sound designers, deejays & other creative folk.

My name is Fernando Abreu, a multimedia guy, toured my country and played a bit abroad, I have deejayed, I have published music of my own and others, managed an independent record label & magazine, designed UI & interfaces for several plugins and several platforms, web design a bit here and there! Designed album & EP covers, filmed & edited promotional videos, field recorded, created sample packs, made thousands of official presets for new synthesizers! I love to jamm with synthesizers for hours with no end, I was born in 1985 and still have so much to learn and do.

I create stuff Id like to use and want for myself, something I think iam missing or that other expansions, presets packs, and sample packs usually don’t offer. Iam not claiming im above or better than any… But I do give my best to create something meaningful, personal with good quality, sound-wise, that can inspire you and help you in your creations and arts! Being music production, Sound Design, Video Game & Film OSTs & whatever other weird experiments you do with sound! Good presets make you enjoy your favorite gear even more, even wen you don’t necessary “need” them, presets aren’t just for “newbies” they can help you time-wise or even get you out of creative blocks and obstacles.

I hope you enjoy the expansions, soundbanks, samplepacks and content offered here as much as I enjoy creating all of it.

Newsletters are sent occasionally, they will inform you of brand new releases, get to know our best deals! ongoing and future sales – You will be able to get our new products before anyone and at special prices, all our newsletter subscribers get an additional 5% discount code to use in any purchase. SOUNDS 2 INSPIRE DOES NOT SPAMM! You will be able to unsubscribe or opt out at anytime, in every newsletter you will find an unsubscribe link. You can also write directly to sounds2inspire@gmail.com to ask for unsubscription, you may also request that we remove all your personal data. We make sure every newsletter is made with high quality standards and have some value to you.

Refunds cost time and money to both parties, and can be most times avoidable. This is a labor of love, i’m here to deliver you cool sounds and a unique audio experience and I give my best in that. Not here to fool or rip anyone out from their hard earned cash. Please do not hesitate to contact for any reason, questions or problems – we work hard and ensure everything is in high quality. Please ensure that the sounds or products you buy from sounds 2inspire are compatible with your system, proper information is provided in each product – wen you need more clarification about any product feel free to contact sounds2inspire@gmail.com – if you find bugs, please do the same, just contact us, we will be has fast has possible to patch any bugs.

We love hearing from you, we try to be fair, fast and informative when providing support. Take note that, Sounds2Inspire also may not provide support if you are running our products with outdated software, being vst plugins, daws, audio editors.

Never, support will last a lifetime

Never, updates will always be free.

When you buy a product from Sounds 2 Inspire, you are buying the rights to use these sounds – not the sounds themselves. The sounds are under the copyright of Sound 2 Inspire, Fernando Abreu. You are buying a license to use these sounds in any musical way you want.
You can freely use these sounds for commercial or personal purposes in music, jingles, movies, sound design, video games or television. You may not sell or redistribute the sounds in an isolated manner – they must always be used in a musical or artistic context. You are not allowed to sell & redistribute our sounds has your own. For more information contact me

Licenses last forever and all product updates are free, forever.

Please ensure that the sounds or products you buy from sounds 2 inspire are compatible with your system, proper information is provided in each product – in the case of expansions you must verify if the original plugin is compatible with your system – I ensure the expansion works in the said plugin, and you must ensure yourself that the plugin is compatible with your system. If you need more clarification about any product feel free to contact

Found a nasty bug? Please contact me for any problems, issues, bugs you may find, so I can patch-it quickly – your feedback is valuable.

Yes certainly, contact me and I will do it swiftly.

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