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Virtual Vibrations

Bundled Soundset for Waldorf Largo VSTi

Virtual Vibrations Sound Set focuses on creative and fine tuned presets for Waldorf Largo VSTi. Virtual Vibrations is directed towards producers and fans of House, Trance, techno, EDM, Electronica. In this series, we dive deeply into Waldorf Largo synthesis and layering capabilities, delivering you 256 high quality presets.

256 Presets for Waldorf Largo:
Divided into 2 Sound Sets – Virtual Vibrations Vol.1 and Vol.2
The complete sound set features:
.Main leads
.Chord hits
.Pad Keys
.Glitch Hop
& More…
Unzip our download file, drag and drop “S2I Virtual Vibrations” folder to your: “Waldorf\Largo Sounds” folder.

30€ 22€

+256 High quality presets for Waldorf Largo VSTi

Waldorf Largo presets

Virtual Vibrations sound set takes its focus on fresh electronic music sounds specially crafted for Waldorf Largo VSTi.

Virtual Vibrations Sound Set offers 256 presets for your electronic productions.

Simple and complex presets, exploring the layering capabilities and full potential of Waldorf Largo VSTi.

Virtual Vibrations Preset Showcase

For electronic music producers

A creative set of presets for producers and fans of house, trance, techno, edm, synthwave, chill, ambient and electronica.

Powerful sharp basses, beautiful main leads, polyphonic leads & chords, mono leads, immersive pads, magical keys and much more. 

256 high quality, modern and immersive sounds… Await you!

100% made with Virtual Vibrations Sound Set

Get it in Bundle or Separate

You can choose between, Virtual Vibrations Bundle or Virtual Vibrations Vol1 and Vol2 in separate, all options are available.

Each volume of Virtual Vibrations contains 128 presets for Waldorf Largo.

Virtual Vibrations screenshot (click to enlarge)

Order Now 22€

Virtual Vibrations Vol1: 15€   Virtual Vibrations Vol2: 15€
Virtual Vibrations Bundle: 30€  22€

Made for Waldorf Largo VSTi

Virtual Vibrations Sound set is crafted specially for Waldorf Largo Software Synthesizer

“Largo is the first pure software synthesizer with Waldorf DNA. And again – it is the cutting edge sound that makes the big difference. No wonder, as Largo mirrors the technology used in Blofeld and Q hardware synthesizers.”

Largo is developed and owned by Waldorf Music GmbH https://waldorfmusic.com/
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