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Liquid Sessions

Expansion for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer

Liquid Sessions Expansion, +120 Presets for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer exploring liquid, deep, relaxing lush-full melodies made towards Liquid Drum n Bass, Chillstep & Downtempo genres. 

Featuring deep, tasteful basslines, immersive pads, out of this world ambiences, beautiful chord sequences and magical leads.

Expansion with 123 Presets for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer:
.36 Sequences & Arps
.35 Basslines
.30 Leads
.22 Pads & Ambiences
.Glitch Hop
& More…
Expansion is delivered in Hybrid 3 Bank Folder, just drag & drop it to official Hybrid 3 Bank folder


Expansion for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer +120 High quality Presets
Liquid / Drum n bass / Downtempo

Liquid Sounds for Hybrid 3

Liquid Sessions takes a break from LOUD and in-your-face synth melodies, to more subtle and nuanced sounds with a lot of personality. 

In this expansion pack you will get, hundreds of deep, tasteful and intricate melodies exploring the boundaries of the great Hybrid 3 Software Synthesizer.

Liquid Sessions features:
36 Sequences & Arps, 30 Leads, 35 Basslines, 22 Pads & Ambiences

Deep Growly Basslines

35 long basslines, from soft, elegant to aggressive and wobbly.

Lush Leads and melodies

66 Fine tuned melodies and sequenced melodies.

Immersive Pads

22 Great sounding pads and ambiences, bright pads, spacey pads, angelic pads and transformed choirs.

Taking inspiration from modern and classic melodic sounds of Artists such has:
Alaska, LTJ Buken, Seba, Ulrich Schnauss, Mage, Liquicity Records, Heft  and many others.

Liquid Sessions is focused on more melodic and liquid Drum & Bass.
It is also very suitable for other genres like Downtempo, Chillstep, Eletronica, Electro, Trance, Techno and others
Add a touch of bliss to your Hybrid 3 with Liquid Series Expansion.

Liquid Sessions Expansion (Screenshot)

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Hybrid 3 is Developed by AIR Music Technology – AIR Music Technology is a trademark of inMusic Brands, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
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