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Spire Presets

Sounds of Escapism

Sounds of Escapism sound set features more than one hundred fine tuned presets and soundscapes for Spire synthesizer. A diverse collection of tasteful sounds and melodies aimed at music producers, composers and sound designers.

Sounds of Escapism passionately explores some of the intricate & complex features inside Spire Synthesizer. Best of all, its free.

A Sound bank of 114 Presets. Featuring: Pads, Ambiences, Leads, Arps & Sequences, Pads, Chordhits & Stabs, Basslines, Keys and more…

File delivered has a .sbf Legacy
1) Click “Library” on the top left section, to open Spires Library
2) Click on the “User Library” folder, then click import on the bottom of the library window
3) Load Sounds2Inspire Bank(s)

Spire is developed by Reveal Sound

Diverse Leads and Melodies

Polyphonic arpeggios, Retro sounding leads and modern futuristic like melodies

Inspiring and perplexing Soundscapes

A breathtaking selection of Cinematic like soundscapes, Pads and ambient melodies

Synthesized Drums

Abstract Rhythmic sequences and synthesized Drum Hits to complement your Drum Bus

Macro Controls

Macro controls in Spire are very useful! And this sound bank takes advantage of them. You can use them to easily reach the sweet spots within each preset. Also expect tons of complex modulation uses and movement in each sound… all this thanks to the Spire Synthesizer’s advanced modulation matrix, great design and sound quality.

The Singularity Bundle

Spark your creativity, Checkout our great collection of legacy sound sets for Spire Synthesizer – Unleash its full potential! Each Sound bank features 128 High quality presets …or even more. If you are interested in a Bundle with all past, preset and future Banks for Spire, check out our Spire Singularity Bundle – Make sure you don’t Miss out! More Information here