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Sektor Presets

Trance Sektor

Trance Sektor is a collection of 4 sound banks with +400 curated trance presets and sounds made for Initial Audio’s Sektor Synthesizer.
A Collection of presets made for Trance, Goa, Psy and Progressive. From old school to modern, from elegant to acid. A gigantic Bundle like no other, and a very friendly price.

Gigantic Bundle with 405 Presets in total: 80 Ambiences & Pads, 79 Basslines, 242 Leads & Sequenced Leads, 10 Sfx.

Open Sektor, navigate to the Browser window. Locate the sektorExpansion file downloaded here. Then drag and drop it on to any existing expansion image. 

Sektor is developed by Initial Audio

From Creative to Complex

Trance Sektor explores simple and complex melodies, diving and mastering many of Sektor Synthesizer features.

Trance Sektor Presets usually come with loads of modulations & automations, making each sound come to live with movement, fluidity and making them fun to play with and edit.

“To fathom or soar angelic, you’ll need a pinch of psychedelic.” – Humphrey Osmond

From Another Dimension

Many of Sektor’s sound banks and official presets are focused on Hip Hop, Trap, EDM & other styles – Trance Sektor, has the name suggests, takes it into another direction and another dimension! Exploring classic and modern trance sounds melodies. Trance Sektor takes inspiration from the greatest sounds and melodies from legends has Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Atomic Pulse, Astral Projection, Hux Flux, GMS and many, many others.

Giant collection for Sektor

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+240 Leads & Sequenced Leads

A vast collection different melodies from many different styles. Expect some great sounding Blasting Leads, Wavetable Leads, Sequenced Leads, Morphing Leads, Trance Chord Hits, Keys & much more.

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+80 Pads & Ambiences

Beautiful Deep Pads & Ambient Sounds. Perfect for backgrounds and introductions.

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+79 Basslines

Fine-tuned Modern and classic Trance basslines to get things grooving! Trance Sektor is a bundle like no other