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The Sounds of Spire

Expansion Pack for Spire

Sounds of Spire is an expansion with 128 new high quality presets for Spire Synthesizer, focused on modern electronic music sounds and melodies.

Sounds of Spire gets its influence from genres such has House, Trance, Psy, Progressive, Goa, Techno, EDM, Electronica, Chill.

A wonderful collection of Blasting FM Melodies, Elegant Melodies, Powerful Arps & Sequences, Acid distorted melodies, melodic Chord Hits, Lush magical pads, Clean and Edgy Basslines.

Exploring the many facets of this beautiful synthesizer.

A Full bank of 128 Presets, featuring:
32 Leads
40 Arps & Sequences
23 Pads
14 Chordhits & Stabs
21 Basslines
13 Keys
Various Electronic Music genres
Techno, Tech-house, Trance, EDM, Bass, Dubstep, Glitch Hop & more
 Expansion is delivered in a (.sbf) Format, Spire Bank File


128 High Quality Presets Included

+23 Pads & Ambiences

Rich Pads & Beautiful Deep Ambient Soundscapes

+40 Arps & Melodic Sequences

Arpeggiator Leads and Sequenced Leads

+32 Mono and Stereo Leads

A Multi-Genre Blasting Leads, Saw Leads, Wavetable Leads, Pulse Leads, you name it!

+21 Basslines

Assortment of Multi-genre Basslines. Trance Basses, Growl Basses and clean soft Dub Basses

+14 Chord Hits

Chord Hits and melodic Stabs

+13 Keys & Plucks

Diverse Keyboard, String and Plucky sounds

Sounds Of Spire – preset sound demos (Soundcloud)

Exploring modern and classic synth sounds

A full sound set containing 128 modern electronic sounds, from lush pads, to blasting melodies, soft melodies, dreamy keys & plucks, deep basses and other more experimental sounds.


For every electronic music producer

Sounds of Spire is a multi-genre soundset – Made for trance, techno, edm, hiphop, house or chill producers. Containing amazing ready to use presets, and other interesting sounds to explore and appropriate to your style. 

Get the sweet spots 

Macro controls are always very useful! And we take advantage of it. Most of the presets in this expansion feature 3 or 4 useful Macro’s – that you can use to easily reach the sweet spots within each preset. Also expect tons of complex modulation uses and movement in each sound… all this thanks to the Spire Synthesizer’s advanced modulation matrix, great design and sound quality.


Just click on the import button and add in our expansion file.

Full Bank 128 with Spire Presets (Screenshot)

Order Now 26€

(Play in FULL HD)

Demo Tracks – Sounds of Spire

Demo Tracks 100% made with Sounds of Spire Sound set. Made with Love, thank you and enjoy The Sounds of Spire

SPIRE is Developed by Reveal Sound https://www.reveal-sound.com/
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