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Hybrid 3 Presets

High Quality Presets, Preset Packs and Bundles for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer.

All packs featured are exclusive and developed by Sounds2Inspire. The sounds cover varied styles and genres. But they are primarily created towards Cinematic composition, SCIFI, Ambient, Synth wave, Electronica, Tech House, Trance, Techno, Deep House, Industrial… Macros are extensively used, so you can control the sweet spots of each specific sound, quickly. While some sound banks follow a distinct subject, others are more broad. Always allowing space for experimentation, resulting sometimes in very unique sounds. You can purchase and find more about Hybrid 3, here.

Hybrid Ambience is an Free expansion pack for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer, a collection of one-hundred relaxing & original presets. Hybrid Ambience delivers out-of-this-world / out of the ordinary presets & soundscapes.
Liquid Sessions contains +120 Presets exploring liquid, deep, relaxing lush-full melodies made towards Liquid Drum n Bass, Chillstep & Downtempo genres.
A Sound Bank focused on more abstract minimal and Techno sounds. Hybrid Flow features an amalgamation of +150 Presets – Deep Dub chords, Spacey Pads and Ambiences, Techno sequences, Drum sequences, Melodic Chord hits and more… A Sound bank is dedicated to Techno, Minimal, Dub Techno, Deep House, Techno-Trance and Ambient producers.
Instead of “templates” and “essential packs”. Sounds 2 Inspire focuses on delivering a very distinct set of products and designs, that hopefully will help you and elevate your music production, sound design or other related audio tasks and arts to the next level.