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Sektor Wavetable Pack

Sektor Wavetable Pack is a Free wavetable expansion for Sektor Synthesizer, Sektor Wavetable Pack features a small collection of +150 wavetables, basic wavetables, morphing wavetables and LFO Modulation Shapes – use it within your Sektor Synthesizer and expand its possibilities… to endless.

Electronic Dimensions

Electronic Dimensions is an expansion with +125 Presets for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer - focused on modern electronic sounds for House, Trance, Progressive, Techno and EDM Producers. Electronic Dimensions contains a vast array of melodic arrangements… Directly to Hybrid 3 Synthesizer

Hybrid Ambience

Hybrid Ambience is an Free expansion pack for Hybrid 3 Synthesizer, a collection of one-hundred relaxing & original presets for the beloved and brilliant Hybrid 3 Synth. Hybrid Ambience delivers out-of-this-world / out of the ordinary presets & soundscapes.

Sounds Of Spire

Sounds of Spire is an expansion with 128 new high quality presets for Spire Synthesizer, focused on modern electronic music sounds and melodies. Exploring the many facets of this beautiful synthesizer.